2nd Chance Family & Youth Services

Who We Are

The 2nd Chance staff is a highly trained bilingual, bicultural professionals, specially trained in adolescent development and the latest anti-gang intervention techniques. We have a paid staff of professionals, countless volunteers providing valuable support and an excellent board of directors representing many facets of our community. more

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Your Skills As a Parent

Youth join gangs because they provide support, care, and a sense of order and purpose – all the things parents try to give to their children. more

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What Is a Gang?

A gang can be defined as a group of people who form an allegiance for a common purpose and engage in violent, unlawful, or criminal activity. Gangs can be found across all races and socio-economic levels, and their activity often affects innocent people. Gangs in Monterey County are primarily Hispanic and African American, however, Asian, Pacific Islander and Caucasian gangs are becoming more active. more

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